Your Vehicle Tires are More Complex Than You May Think

June 30th, 2020 by

Most car tires don’t necessarily look like much upon casual inspection. That said, tires are in fact carefully designed technologies that can keep you safe and maximize your vehicle’s performance. In order to get more out of your tires, it is necessary that you develop the ability to read and apply the information found on the tire sidewall markings.
Tire sidewall markings include eight or more numbers or symbols placed in certain orders. Each of these numbers and symbols tells an important story about a specific tire capacity or dimension. For example, the letter “P” stands for passenger tire. Tires with such markings would therefore fit only passenger vehicles and not trucks or SUVs.
There are many more letters and numbers to decipher, and here at your local dealership our certified technicians can help you along in this task. Contact us today to get your very own comprehensive lesson in reading tire markings.

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