April 27th, 2019 by

The tire pressure light is a vital part of your MINI Cooper’s alert systems. When the light turns on, it may mean that you need to pay attention to your tire pressure.

In the most extreme circumstances, the tire pressure light will turn on because there may be actual air pressure missing from the tires. This may be the result of a rupture or natural loss from extreme temperature changes. Sometimes the light will flicker briefly in the morning because of lower temperatures. The air pressure will return to normal levels after the tires have been allowed to heat up a little.

If you are not sure about the state of your tires, it is never a bad idea to visit your local Patrick MINI Service Center. These experts in Schaumburg can provide you with a broad variety of maintenance services for your tires and driving needs. And if you’re in need of new tires, we’ll help with that, as well!