Where Your Options Are When Glare Comes In

July 27th, 2020 by

Glare in the midst of your drive is simply unacceptable. You cannot operate a vehicle safely if you are blinded by the light of the sun. This is why AAA has released some safety ideas for those of us who deal with glare. This is particularly important in these summer months when the glare can certainly be at its peak.
You should use your sun visor as a first step. It is built into virtually every vehicle on the road today. Couple that with some sunglasses that are built specifically to block out the glare of the sun and you are on a roll.
Using your headlights to make yourself more visible than ever to other passenger vehicles on the road simply makes sense as well. Those headlights let other drivers know that you are there, and it gives them time to react to conditions as they change over time. It is all about helping each other out.

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