December 1st, 2020 by

Winter Wiper Blades

This time of year is the perfect time to begin preparing your vehicle for the long winter that lies ahead in Schaumburg, IL.

While oil changes, winter tires, and other maintenance items are certainly important, be sure that you don’t overlook your windshield wiper blades when having your vehicle serviced at Patrick MINI. By changing your wiper blades to winter wiper blades, you will gain several advantages for the upcoming season.

One advantage you’ll gain is flexibility. Many winter wiper blades are made with a slightly different rubber compound to help the blade remain pliable when temperatures are cold. This helps reduce the stuttering that can turn your windshield into a streaky mess.

Another important advantage of winter wiper blades is durability. The support structure of winter wiper blades tends to be larger, meaning that these wiper blades can support more weight. This is important during those first few swipes when your windshield is covered in ice and snow.