October 30th, 2020 by

With winter around the corner, many vehicle owners are considering if they should get new tires. The tire experts at Patrick MINI in Schaumburg, IL can help you to decide if winter tires or all-season tires are the best choice for your vehicle.
All-season tires are engineered to provide a smooth and quiet ride. They are also versatile, giving you a fair amount of traction in light snow but still performing well in the rain and on bare pavement throughout the year. However, all-season tires are not ideal for temperatures that remain consistently below 45 degrees, making them a better choice for moderate climates.
Conversely, winter or snow tires are a better choice for more inclement winter weather conditions, such as snow, ice, and bitterly cold temperatures. Winter tires will deliver the best traction and handling in severe weather conditions. Adding studs to the tires will improve the traction on ice even further. Feel free to reach out to our service team with any additional questions you might have!