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Automotive collisions remain the leading cause of death in children aged 13 and under. Keeping younger passengers safe entails having appropriate and secure seating. Different types of seats are specially designed for youngsters at certain age levels.
Rear-facing infant seats accommodate little ones up to eight or nine months. They are smaller and portable. But they must be fastened appropriately in order to protect the child. Convertible seats are installed facing forward but also feature a harness and tether. They are appropriate for children up to age seven.
All-in-one seats go from rear- to front-facing and convert into a booster seat once the child becomes older until about 12 years of age. From the age of eight and up, children remain safe using a vehicle’s standard seat belt. The belt should cross the thighs and come across the child’s shoulder and chest. Our Schaumburg, IL Patrick MINI facility has a large variety of family-friendly vehicles on display for viewing and test driving.

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