April 25th, 2019 by

One thing the team at Patrick MINI likes to do from time to time is pass along tips to preserve the investment in your vehicle. Here are some tips for cleaning your car engine like the professionals:

1. Choose a day when it’s sunny and dry, then make certain the engine has plenty of time to cool. Now remove any plastic covers to expose the engine parts. Clean those plastic parts away from the engine, and allow to sit in the sun to dry.
2. Use a degreaser and let it to sit for a half hour to break down grease and gunk. The longer it sits, the easier it will be to wash away with a strong water stream from the hose.
3. Scrub the engine parts, then thoroughly rinse them off. Dry everything with a clean rag or use an air compressor. Once the engine is dry and the plastic covers clean, replace them and the engine will be clean again.

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