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Would you say that you are an organized or disorganized person? Either way, it can be difficult to maintain order in a small vehicle like a Mini Cooper. No one wants the clutter that can pile up when their space is limited. Yet most people like to keep frequently-used items close by. There are many cost-effective ways that you can keep your small car organized. Review five of them here.

This is a very important first step. Ask yourself what do you really need to keep in your car? Your vehicle registration and insurance cards are a given for your glove compartment. But what about the other open areas of your car? You’ll probably list the basics, such as cleaning supplies, personal care products, or kid items. You could list a dozen or more things. Attempt to list the absolutes first and then the miscellaneous stuff. Once you have your list, you can begin buying storage and organization components. You could also utilize what you already have at home.

You can buy a plastic shower caddy with the handle in the middle and open compartments on either side. Your local dollar store is full of them in different colors. Store it in your trunk to hold maintenance and roadside assistance items for your car. You can fill it with upholstery or dashboard wipes, brake fluid, motor oil, glass cleaner, air freshener, a bottle of water, and more. A shower caddy is also a great tool for eating on the go. Trying to drive and eat at the same time can be a hassle. Place a shower caddy on your passenger seat and fit your hamburger, container of French fries, and soft drink inside. You can ease on down the road while having quick access to your lunch.

These handy hooks are great for freeing up space in your car. They are also located at the dollar store if you do not have any in your garage. Clip a large carabiner or two onto the back of your headrests. Hang your umbrella, mini plastic trash bag, or purse from them. They are lifesavers for delicate groceries like a loaf of bread and a bouquet of flowers.

Do your kids have a plastic popsicle mold with multiple slots? The compartments make awesome holders for random small items such as coins, garage door openers, keys, pens, pencils, and coupons. Just open your middle console between the front seats and drop the mold in. They come in several sizes and shapes at the dollar store too.

Backpacks are great organizing pieces because of the loads of pockets and openings that they have. You can strap it to or slip it over the back of your headrest and fill it to the brim. The backpack could hold items for your kids like activity books, snacks, crayons, hand sanitizer, and scratch paper. This allows them to easily grab what they need from the back seat without disturbing you.

Clever ideas, right? If these don’t quite fit into what you are trying to do, use similar methods to keep all of your necessities neat and organized.