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Gaskets are a car part that most don’t appreciate or understand. They may not seem like they are crucial to a well-running vehicle, but if they aren’t in good condition or working properly, they can leave you stranded in Schaumburg, IL. Gaskets help keep fluids in your car. Your car needs fluids to run properly. Gaskets are used to prevent gas, coolant, and even transmission fluid from leaking out of your car. Gaskets are made out of steel, copper, and rubber, and are very durable. Although gaskets can last for many years, there will come a time when yours need to be changed. You may notice fluids are dripping or even pouring from your car. Gaskets can warp and wear down, which causes the seal they create to break. If your vehicle is leaking fluids, bring it to the Patrick MINI service department. Once your gaskets are replaced, your car should stop leaking and starting running better.