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Take a close look at your car’s wheels and you’re going to see a dark dirty grime. That’s brake dust, a corrosive combination of carbon fibers and adhesives. When it gets on your wheels, it eats through the finish and pits the metal.
Always wash your wheels and tires before the rest of the car. That will ensure you aren’t washing your clean car a second time. Select a cleaner made for your specific wheels. Some cleaners work on painted surfaces, while others should only be used on chrome or wire wheels.
Apply the cleaner on one tire at a time. Let it set for the recommended time. Then, use a soft-bristled brush to get into the grooves. Rinse the wheel off with a strong jet of water. Then, move on to the next tire. Stop by the service department here at Patrick MINI in Schaumburg, IL for all your car care needs.

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