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When you’re driving at night in Schaumburg, you might happen to get in front of a vehicle that shines their headlights a bit brighter than you like. An automatic dimming rearview mirror can help to keep you focused on the road in front of your by sensing when lights are too bright and taking away the glare behind you.

You’ll notice with auto-dimming mirrors that they dim according to how bright the lights are, which means that the mirror could be darker at one time than another. Once there isn’t a glare detected any longer, then the mirror will go back to its normal appearance, allowing you to see what’s behind you.

When you visit Patrick MINI, you can look at other features that are often included with auto-dimming mirrors. Most of them have a compass as well as a display that shows the temperature. The benefit of this type of mirror is that you won’t be as distracted while you’re driving, keeping you and your family safe on the road.

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