October 7th, 2020 by

The vehicle that you drive around the Chicago area will either have a manual or automatic transmission. Vehicles that have manual transmissions are generally less expensive to purchase and are widely considered to have better handling. Furthermore, they are less likely to be stolen because it can be hard for a thief to make a getaway if he or she can’t shift the gears.

Generally speaking, it can be difficult to learn how to shift gears and use a clutch at the same time. That is why most drivers throughout America opt for cars or trucks that have automatic transmissions.

Vehicles with automatic transmissions are often easier to drive on sloped terrain because you don t have to worry about shifting gears. An automatic transmission uses hydraulic fluid to shift gears as the car speeds up and slows down, and in some cases, a computer helps decide what gear the car should be in.

It all comes down to the commute

While there are plusses and minuses for each, your decision to choose a manual or automatic transition will come down to personal preference and daily commute around the Schaumburg area. If you live in a city environment where the roads are longer, straighter and filled with traffic, an automatic transmission may be just the ticket for you. If you’re regularly driving at varied speeds and around tight corners, a manual transmission will give you a sense of control that an automatic is missing.

Before making a decision on which transmission is right for you, take a few moments and really consider what your daily routine looks like. The correct transmission could make all the difference in shaking up your commute!