The Best Time to Change MINI Air Filters

May 13th, 2022 by

MINI Air Filters

Changing your MINI air filters is an important part of routine maintenance.

There are two MINI air filters that should be regularly changed: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. Let’s start with the cabin air filter.

How Does the Cabin Air Filter Work?

The cabin air filter works with both your heating and cooling systems. It works like a furnace filter. When you turn on your heat or air conditioning, before the air makes its way into the cabin of the car it must go through the cabin air filter. This is important because the filter traps numerous kinds of bad particles like dust, allergens, and pollen.

Why You Should Change Your Cabin Air Filter

If the cabin air filter is old it likely is dirty, and even worse, clogged. If it’s dirty and clogged then it won’t be long before odor starts to permeate the inside of your car. A clogged cabin air filter also might reduce the actual amount of airflow. The air is trying to get through the filter, but a clogged filter is more of a barrier than an actual filter. The pollutants that are clogging the filter are now making their way into your car. This is not good for your health. It’s also not good for your vehicle’s HVAC system. Dirty and clogged filters force the system to work harder, which in turn can damage certain parts.

Spring is the Best Time to Change Your MINI Cabin Air Filter

We recommend that MINI owners get their cabin air filter changed every spring. We run the air conditioning most of the summer and the heat is on all winter and some of the fall. It’s time to replace the filter after two to three seasons of pollen, dust, and all kinds of contaminants that we count on the cabin air filter to block for us. A new cabin air filter allows you to breathe in crisp, clean air without worrying about pollutants or odors.

How Does an Engine Air Filter Work?

The engine air filter works to prevent dust and other contaminants from getting inside your engine and causing damage. Just like the cabin air filter, airflow will be reduced if the filter is dirty or clogged. This can not only hurt the engine but even reduce your gas mileage efficiency.

When Should I Change My MINI Engine Air Filter?

The answer on when you should change your MINI air filter can vary from owner to owner. How is the air quality where you drive? How many miles do you drive per year? The general consensus is that MINI air filters should be changed every two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Your MINI Service Advisor can also look at the filter and let you know if it’s time for a replacement. If it’s showing signs of dirt it’s time for a new filter, regardless of how new it is or how many miles you’ve driven with it.

Start the spring with brand new filters so both you and your engine can enjoy the fresh, clean air! Schedule your service at Patrick MINI or call us at 847-230-8211.

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