Lease End Option 1.

Get Into A New MINI

Contact Patrick MINI – Browse through Patrick MINI Inventory to decide which series and style is right for you. Whichever vehicle you choose, GM Financial Services provides financing options to ease the transition.

MINI Cars of North America may occasionally offer existing lease customers special incentives to terminate their lease contract early by waiving the remaining payments. These special programs are a perfect opportunity for you to into a brand new MINI. Contact a Sales Associate for Lease Pull Ahead Program qualifications and availability.

Evaluate your current MINI – If you wish, visit Patrick MINI for a pre-inspection, 90-120 days before the end of your lease. Patrick MINI will review your vehicle’s condition and provide an estimate of any charges. Please contact Patrick MINI to schedule an appointment.

The final inspection of your vehicle will take place roughly 60 days before the expiration of your lease. An independent inspection company will contact you to arrange an appointment at your convenience, where they will evaluate the condition of your MINI and ensure that you receive a fair and impartial assessment.

The independent inspector who conducts the mandatory End-of-Lease inspection can determine whether or not your vehicle has any excess wear and use. Any damage to your vehicle that is deemed to be excess wear and use is chargeable.

If necessary, repair your current MINI – If there is any excess wear and use present, you will receive an estimated cost for repair shortly after your vehicle inspection. To ensure that the repairs are acceptable, we recommend for your convenience having them completed here at Patrick MINI. You will be required to forward your repair receipts to MINI Cars of North America to ensure that your maturity billing is updated accordingly. Or, if more convenient, you can choose to return your vehicle as is and pay any outstanding charges at that time. Our Sales Associates can assist with either option you choose.

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