MINI Electric Vehicle Service in Schaumburg, IL.


A fully electric vehicle (EV) is designed to keep not only keep luxury and performance, but also becoming more environmentally friendly than gas-powered engines. One of the biggest benefits to EV’s is that regular maintenance is less frequent and less expensive. This does not mean that EVs are without their share of maintenance. For most, there is some confusion on what maintenance needs to be performed on an EV. In fact, EVs need servicing at the same intervals as any car but in different time periods.  We at Patrick MINI have compiled a list of a few recommendations for service on EVs. For any further questions, or to schedule service, give us a call at 847-230-8211 or schedule your EV service here.


This category includes general tasks that most vehicle owners would think of when it comes to car maintenance. These tasks are the same for EVs. They include: tire rotation, replacing the cabin air filter, and replenishing windshield wiper fluid.


EV’s still need brake pads maintained and serviced. However, thankfully, regenerative braking makes this a much easier process. Regenerative braking takes the kinetic energy of your vehicle and uses it to slow it down. This means less wear and tear on your vehicle’s brakes in addition to greater stopping power.


Even without the need for regular oil changes, EV’s still require other fluid checks. These vehicles still hold things such as brake fluid and coolant and these fluids should be monitored and brought in for service and change whenever necessary. It is recommended to get brake fluid inspected and changed every 22,000 miles or two years. Coolant should be changed over every 150,000 miles or five years.


As with any car, your EV will need regular tire maintenance as well. It is recommended that every 7,500 miles or every six months you get the tires rotated. We recommend referencing your owner’s manual for specific tire recommendations.


The lithium ion batteries that power EVs offer greater energy density and tend to hold a charge longer, however, every battery in an EV that is sold in the U.S. comes with a warranty that lasts for a minimum of eight years or up to 100,000 miles.


Patrick MINI is thrilled to be involved in this new wave of EV’s and being able to bring you an experience that other brands might not be able to provide. Our MINI Electric Hardtop 2 Door is recharged with tons of new features but doesn’t skimp on that fun MINI experience. Remember, Patrick MINI is here to get you back on the road safely. Give us a call at 847-230-8211 or visit schedule your EV service here with our professionally trained technicians who are certified to work on MINI EV’s using industry standard methods and procedures.