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As 2017 passes through its last quarter and 2017-year MINI models aren’t so new, one has to wonder what 2018 will bring to the table. MINI recently revealed its full plans, outlining the new equipment and options to expect for all current lineup models. Take a look at each of the updates below, and you’ll see that 2018 should be a great year for the automaker and its customers.

All 2018 MINI vehicles will feature a rearview backup camera standard. The other new standard feature is Rear Park Distance Control, which uses audio tones and multicolored perspective guiding lines on the central display to warn the driver if they’re getting close to an object. This means that the Technology Package, which was once for getting these features added on, now includes Front Park Distance Control with Parallel Parking Assistant. These additions come together in a better bundle value than before, when they had to be bought individually.

The optional head-up display can now be turned on and off from the center information touchscreen. This is a more fitting spot because it’s where other features of the head-up display are changed, such as brightness and position. Drivers have one less place to shift their focus, and can better watch the road and alter the Head Up Display at the same time. The toggle switch that was once used to toggle the head-up display will be repurposed to select driving modes.

On all models produced in and after July 2018, MINI Countryman and Clubman models will include Apple Carplay device support with the Technology package. This handy system allows any driver with an Apple device, such as an iPhone, to use its apps, settings, and more from the central touchscreen without any wired connections.

Since November 2016, Attentiveness Assistant is included with the optional navigation system on these models. A mix of active safety and driver convenience, Attentiveness Assistant recognizes the signs of a drowsy driver and suggests stopping to rest.

Lastly, there are a few adjustments made to some models that you should know about. The Convenience package for the Countryman includes an elastic cargo strap only on the right side of the cargo area, and not the left. On the MINI Clubman and Hardtop 4 Door, the metal inlays at the rear door sills have been removed. The Cooper Convertible no longer offers a compact spare wheel and tire, making it the same as the Cooper S and John Cooper Words versions that did not offer one.

These are all the notable changes for the upcoming MINI models, except for a new fuel gauge design, a new free Moonwalk Grey color, and some lowered prices on premium colors. If you haven’t gotten a MINI in the past few years, these updates for 2018 are a pretty fantastic reason to dive in, with an exterior refresh, more standard equipment, and higher-value packages. Be sure to check out our new vehicle inventory every so often, especially as we enter the new year and more 2018 models get released. Got any questions? Call or email us anytime!

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